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Research Initiatives

Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe. -G.T. Smith

NHF strives to fund research that specifically deals with horticulture-related issues.  Research can be done in Florida or out-of-state.  NHF has been tasked with supporting projects in the areas of production, marketing, utilization, and distribution with an emphasis on research needs of Florida’s horticulture industry. Named a “national” foundation because it not only supports the horticulture industry in the state of Florida, NHF seeks to protect the plants grown and exported to states across the country. 


Whether understanding how to improve plant quality and longevity during transportation, increase purchasing motivation of consumers to increase demand for horticulture products, NHF seeks to support research with positive outcomes and a greater return on investment for the green industry.


Current Research Project Funded  In 2023

NHF Research

Principal Researcher

Dr. Alexandra Revynthi,

Tropical Research and

Education Center

Chemical Control of the Invasive Pest Thrips parvispinus

Florida continues to be threatened by the invasive thrips species, Thrips parvispinus. Given the regulatory implications, its rapid expansion and injury, chemical control should be explored. The goal is to identify efficacious conventional and biorational insecticides against T. parvispinus. Results will be shared with ornamental growers in a workshop.


The goal is to identify efficacious conventional and biorational insecticides against T. parvispinus.


  • Objective 1: Evaluate conventional insecticides under laboratory conditions

  • Objective 2: Evaluate biorational insecticides under laboratory conditions

  • Objective 3: Evaluate the most efficacious conventional and biorational insecticides under greenhouse conditions

  • Objective 4: Inform ornamental producers about the findings of this study

Want to know more about projects we support?

Funded research projects are sorted by category and year.  This archive is shared with Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association.  You will have access to projects funded by NHF and the FNGLA Endowed Research Fund. 

Questions, please contact Linda Reindl,

Are you a researcher looking for funding?

Research proposals are accepted from academic institutions across the country.  If you would like to apply for an NHF research grant, please fill out and submit the forms below to the National Horticulture Foundation.  Annual deadline for accepting proposals is December 31st.  For questions, please contact Linda Reindl at or by phone at (407) 295-7994.

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