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May's Feature

We are studying how two signature Florida landscape tree species respond to drought. We have found that Live oak quickly used up water in its root zone and became drought stressed--“use it or lose it” strategy—but its leaves just as quickly dried out and dropped when the water was gone.

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Roger Kjelgren, NHF Board Member
"Planting Seeds The Future"

I’m Roger Kjelgren, director of the University of Florida Mid Florida Research and Education Center (MREC) and NHF board member for five years.  I experience both the giving and receiving sides of NHF funding support for research and scholarships.

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National Horticulture Foundation (NHF) supports both scholarship and research efforts.

Over $800,000 has been given towards research. NHF strives to fund research that specifically deals with horticulture-related issues. Research can be done in Florida or out of state. NHF has been tasked with supporting projects in the areas of production, marketing, utilization, and distribution with an emphasis on research needs of Florida’s horticulture industry. NHF was named a “national” foundation because it not only supports the horticulture industry in the state of Florida but seeks to protect the plants grown and exported to states across the country.

NHF seeks to support research with positive outcomes and a greater return on investment for the green industry. Whether understanding how to improve plant quality and longevity during transportation, increase purchasing motivation of consumers to increase demand for horticulture products, NHF’s goal is to make a difference for the industry.


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