Interior Industry Growth Fund

The Importance of the Work
Guided by a vibrant network of business professionals, GPGB and NHF are dedicated to positioning the Interior Landscape industry to thrive well into the future.


An Interior Industry-specific endowment is the best approach to provide a permanent source of funding to grow the size and profitability of the Interior Landscape Industry and future-proof it for new generations.

The Interior Industry Growth Fund will provide research initiatives, professional education, and targeted marketing to influencers and decision-makers. A well-endowed Fund will assure interior landscape services are deemed essential by informed leaders of top-performing companies. Thoughtful investment in the IIGF will help to future-proof the interior landscape industry.

The following companies or organizations have reached the endowment level or higher

 Amlings Interior Landscape Endowment 

Architectural Supplements and Feinman Family Endowment

Blondies Treehouse Endowment

 Cityscapes Endowment 

Dick Ott Endowment

Green Oak Endowment

Green Plants for Green Buildings Endowment

Grundy's Plantscaping Endowment

 Joel and Teri Pesapane Family Endowment 

Les and Catherine Love Endowment

Mangum Family Endowment

National Interior Network Endowment

NewPro Containers Endowment

Oasis Plantscapes/Dehaven & Whitting Endowment

 Parker Interior Plantscape Endowment 

 Plant Solutions, Inc. Endowment 

Raimondi Horticulture Group and Family Endowment

Scott & Diane Barron Family Endowment

Senneff Family Endowment

The following companies or organizations support IIGF but have not yet reached the endowment level or higher

Anything Groes | Batch-O Blooms | Buckingham Greenery | Foliage Design Systems |Foster Plants | Greenery Office Interiors | Plants in Design | Plantscaping | Seattle Plant Company

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