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NHF Announces 2020-2021

Scholarship Recipients

August 25, 2020


Building the Future Leaders in the Nursery and Landscape Industry

Orlando, FL, August, 2020 - Starting the 2020 Fall Semester, 18 young, aspiring horticulture students will receive financial support from the National Horticulture Foundation (NHF). The Foundation, which boasts a $3.4 million dollar portfolio, is honored to support education in the horticulture industry by fostering new talent.  NHF looks for these individuals to become future leaders and play active roles in finding the solution to industry challenges. 


Within NHF, there are three scholarship funds that have been established; James H. Davis Memorial Scholarship, NHF’s General Scholarship fund and the Hoskins McDougald Scholarship.

James H. Davis Memorial Scholarship - James H. Davis was not a straight “A” student but believed as long as the student maintained a 2.0 grade point average that he/she deserved an opportunity to a good education. This scholarship is for undergraduates planning to attend a community college, college, university or other program in Florida.


2020-2021 recipients are

  • Samuel Bennett/Sophomore, Abraham Baldwin Ag College

  • Luke Fox/Sophomore, Southern IL University/Carbondale

  • Samatha Maybury/Senior, University of Florida

  • Taylor Sorrell/Senior, Purdue University

  • Cassie Brooke Valenti/Sophomore, Florida Gulf Coast University

  • Keefer Gank/Valencia Community College


NHF’s General Scholarship Fund has been created to allow graduate students, out-of-state and non-traditional students the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. 


2020-2021 recipients are

  • Sarah da Silva Benevenute/Graduate Student, University of Florida

  • Crystal Conner/Graduate Student, University of Florida

  • Hang Thi Thu Duong/Graduate Student, University of Florida

  • Patricia Irizarry/Graduate Student, Ohio State University

  • Shea Keene/Graduate Student, University of Florida

  • Yuvraj Khamare/Graduate Student, University of Florida

  • Chi Linh Dinh Nguyen/Graduate Student, University of Florida


Bob Hoskins and Sandy McDougald Scholarship was established by the Palm Beach Chapter of the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA) to commemorate the dedication, enthusiasm and many years of service contributed to the horticultural industry by Bob and Sandy. 


2020-2021 recipients are

  • Rachel Cyr/Palm Beach State College

  • Laura Corrigan/Palm Beach State College

  • Aiden Causey/Palm Beach State College

  • Robert Pimentel/University of Florida

  • Angelique Morgan/LaGrange College


Steadfast, in keeping the scholarship program strong, NHF continues to support young people pursuing careers in the nursery and landscape industry. NFF is proud to have provided almost a 1/2 million dollars to students since 1999. The goal of the Foundation to see students grow and mature into future leaders of the industry. The National Horticulture Foundation (NHF) is a non-profit corporation established in 1987 for the exclusive purpose of supporting charitable, educational and research activities.


Media Contact:

Linda Reindl, NHF Executive Director

Phone: 407-295-7994

Email address:

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