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Looking back on 2022, I can only think about how grateful NHF is to have such strong industry support. Through challenging financial markets and talks of recessions, the horticulture industry continues to entrust our board to be good stewards of NHF’s money.  NHF takes the role of investing in the future of horticulture seriously. I can guarantee you, as an industry, we will continue to have challenges, and NHF will be there seeking solutions through research and education. We will continue to look for ways to raise the level of support we can offer the industry and remain relevant. It is my pleasure to be serving my two-year term as NHF President. Let me share with you just a glimpse of what 2022 brought to our Foundation.  
In December 2021, Green Plants for Green Buildings (GPGB) and NHF announced the Interior Industry Growth Fund (IIGF). The Fund was established through an initial financial gift from GPGB and merging NHF's Fund for Interior Horticulture Research and Education (FIHRE Fund) which was founded in 2001 but maintained a relatively small balance.  In the first 30 days of the Interior Industry Growth Fund's creation, 40 generous and future-minded entrepreneurs investing towards the sustainability and growth of our industry committed $335,000.
NHF and its financial advisors will manage this all-new endowment. As with any endowment in NHF, the capital will never be spent and will grow through future contributions. Organizers hope to grow the IIGF to $1,000,000 so that annual earnings can be used exclusively on interior landscape industry research, education, and marketing projects.
With a broader look, NHF strives to fund research that deals explicitly with horticulture-related issues from each industry segment. In 2022, we provided almost $60,000 in funding to two projects:  Using Mulch to Reduce Dependence on Preemergence Herbicides and Improve Weed Control in Nurseries and continued funding for the issue of Lethal Bronzing affecting our Palm industry. We are dedicated to helping the academic community tackle industry challenges. We want to see your business continue to be successful and the industry grow stronger.  
This year, the NHF also provided more than $34,000 in scholarships to students pursuing a career in horticulture. Our mission is to provide a pathway for these students so they can help make this industry thrive in the future.
NHF has been serving the industry since 1987. We talk a lot about how a foundation's path is never about striving to reach a destination…it is about the long-term journey that continues with the help of industry experience and support. It is an investment in the industry's future and a clear understanding of the importance of giving. Our board seeks out new ways to continue to give back. Our portfolio has weathered wavering financial markets and continues to be strong. We continue to monitor our investment strategies so we will always be able to provide funding for the nursery and landscape industry annually.
In closing, I would like to share a quote about giving by Robert Louis Stevenson - "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." Thank you for helping NHF plant the seeds that will keep our industry growing and thriving. We all are responsible for giving back to the industry that has been so good to us. Choose now to become an annual supporter of NHF. You can make an impact with any size of the gift. A successful harvest is right around the corner.


Mike Marshall, NHF President
Marshall Tree Farm


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